Welcome to my writing life . . .

Here are the big things that are happening . . .

  • Right now, I’m on sabbatical from teaching at John Jay College. (which is part of City University of New York), and I’m writing a novel series. It is the story of Kristin, who tries—in often surprising ways—to remain resilient, despite the chaos which surrounds her.

    Here’s a summary: By the time Kristin is five, she is already old enough to know what she wants. She wants to have a father who never hurts animals (not even ants) and who lives at home rather than with some other woman. She wants a baby brother growing inside her mother instead of the deadness of an IUD. She wants the neighborhood boy to be her friend instead of her predator. And she wants to do something important with her life, even though she’s been told girls just can’t.

    Wanting, along with its sequels, is an Own Voices story. Much like Kristin, I grew up in the stifling world of an ultra-conservative church. How Kristin eventually leaves that cultish environment to become a successful, independent woman is my story as well.

  • In December, I completed Wanting! And while it is under review by agents, I’m working on the next book, titled Wandering.

  • In January, I presented a Remembering Writing Is Fun workshop to the West Conn MFA .

  • In June, I’ll be traveling to Ireland to present my talk on Writing, Technology, and Creativity at the Arts and Society Conference in Galway.

  • And, if you’d like see more, you can go to my publications and events pages.

But, of course, the real writing life isn’t about these big events. Rather, it’s about constant, quiet contemplations while walking around the lake; or about meaningful conversations or silly shenanigans with friends and family; or about everyday adventures where I’m surprised by the unexpected. It is this–these moments of daily joy and awe–that then infuses the writing. And sharing this life-writing-process with you, here and through my Instagram blog, is all part of the fun.