What if in heaven . . .


What if in heaven

Summer at Sky Meadows


I find oneness so complete

I completely lose myself

only to know that

I have actually found myself?



What if in heaven

IMG_3748 Yaquina Head Lighthouse, OR (Small)


a lighthouse is no longer a beacon against danger–


instead its beam beckons us toward unknown delights?




What if in heaven

All the things I think most beautiful—rainbows, sunrises, moonsets—are just appetizers, and the flavor and vigor of life in the new world makes the old one seem dry and tasteless?

Colorful Falls



What if in heaven

Snow Barn



there is no such thing as






 What if in heaven

Sun Breaking Through



raindrops only come when called for–

for the sheer pleasure of feeling them on our faces

and tasting them on our tongues–

and the rain is warm and sweet

and when it is over

we are not even wet?






What if in heaven

stained glassmy artistic attempts that always ended up as stick figures

are now masterpieces of line and color?



What if in heaven






the rocks really do sing out

and the streams accompany them with eloquent melodies?







What if in heaven

grace is not just a word that rights our wrongs

close up balloon

but is the actual air we breathe, filling our lungs with purity?



What if in heaven

my eyes can see the pupil of an eagle 100 miles away

Reward for a Hard Climb


and then

just by a change of focus


view the individual atoms of my hand?




What if in heaven

graveyard in fall


all the should-have-beens

are reconciled to what

really is?





 What if in heaven






are not just what I pursue

but who I am?




What if in heaven

IMG_1207 White Post, VA (Small)


at the first sight of


all the questions die on my lips

but one


why did I ever need to ask why?




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6 Responses to What if in heaven . . .

  1. beautiful. I wouldn’t mind that heaven one bit.

  2. R E Lumpp says:

    Of course I think this is amazing stuff. Allways have 😉

  3. Joy Lenton says:

    Sara, this is truly beautiful! I have been directed to your site by a friend and I’m so pleased to read this. Such thoughts have occupied my mind too and it’s lovely to see them penned poetically here. On earth, we live with mystery and uncertainty that clouds our thinking and understanding. But then…once we live in heaven we can enjoy the unfolding, the fullness and completion of all that God intends us to know and experience. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and blessing us in the process. 🙂 x

  4. shirley mcqueen says:

    Sarah, I hope so many people stop and take the time to read this and enjoy it. I long for a heaven that is that real….and of course it will be more real and more wonderful than we can imagine. But your musings make me long for it even more. I love to watch ice skating and have always longed to glide along so effortlessly as they appear to do…knowing that I would have had to begin practicing when I was 4 or 5 years to even hope for that. I think in heaven, one of the first things I will ask God for is a pair of skates and a very large crystal pond to glide around on, and of course give me perfect balance!!!!

    • Sara Whitestone says:

      Yes! The freedom of ice skating! I have always wanted to fly–but without the need of wings. All this and so much more!

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