My grandfather is 103 years old.  When he was born, his family had a horse and wagon. Eventually he bought his own car. Throughout his driving life Grandad kept a clean record–with not even one fender bender–and decided at the age of 100 to voluntarily give up his license so that he could keep that record intact. At ten years old Grandad started selling newspapers on street corners. At that time the paper press was how the world got the news.

Grandad and meBut now Grandad emails, surfs the net, reads blogs, researches, and writes–all from his home computer. If Grandad can so gracefully move from oil lamps to high speed internet, I, who was taken home from the hospital in a station wagon and who was raised on TV’s World News Tonight, had better–at the least–learn how to manage a website.

This is my news page–not nearly so relevant to the world as the Seattle Post my grandfather sold or as the ABC headlines my mother still watches every night–but here, those who are interested can find news about my upcoming events and publications and an occasional post when I need a change of pace from all the other creative endeavors found on this site.

Thank you for taking some of your plugged-in time to stop by,


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