On vision, courage, and creative play

A poem in the villanelle style

For Charles Robert, because he asked me to write it.

Vision does not just see the way,
But guides to the intangible
Through courage and creative play.

But if, when we look ahead, we stay
Silent and fearfully still,
Won’t all our vision fade away?

And how can we, in fear, play,
When our laughter is killed,
When our courage is stayed?

But true vision invites creative play—-
When courage pushes timid will
Forward, with action into the day.

Then instead of cold dismay,
We discover the unknown fulfills
Our need to engage in joyful foray.

So as we laugh, we also pray
That this solid, intangible
Vision will not just see the way
But will guide us—-through courage and creative play.

Aberdovy pasture lane


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