Honesty Laid Bare

You’ve spent days or weeks with your essay–sometimes with your laptop, holed up on your couch, sometimes with pen and paper, out in the open on a mountain-top bench.

Sky meadows benchYou send your essay out. It gets rejected at least 50 times over a period of a year or two. You are dejected.

Then, suddenly, some kind editor emails you and says XYZ Magazine is so excited to publish your essay. You, in turn, are elated.

You go through a series of negotiations with the editor about content and style. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. But in the end, all is ready. You are expectant.

After this? Well, after this, you wait. Many times editors neglect to inform you when your essay actually hits the public. At first you continually the check magazine website or the bookstores it is sold in. But soon, you give up the search.

After all, isn’t there more real writing to be done? You are ready to get back down to business.

Two weeks (or two months) after your essay has actually been released, you find it out there, lonely, in its little virtual or print corner of the world. So much time has now passed that when you see your work finally in print, you are surprised. (“I don’t even remember writing that,” you think to yourself.)

The ups and downs of the publication process are not what keeps me writing. To find out why I do, go to the link below:

Honesty Laid Bare


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