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On Seahawks, Seattle, and Centenarians

12:06pm, Superbowl Sunday  “Grandad, how do you keep doing it?” Even though I now know his answer, today I wish I could be next to him again. I wish I could hear, again, what he would say when I ask … Continue reading

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The Stars Beyond the Stars

During our Mother’s Day Skype, my 23 year old son, Nicolas, and I were talking about how I taught him to read when he was little. Our conversation reminded me of this piece that I wrote in November of 1995. … Continue reading

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Honesty Laid Bare

You’ve spent days or weeks with your essay–sometimes with your laptop, holed up on your couch, sometimes with pen and paper, out in the open on a mountain-top bench. You send your essay out. It gets rejected at least 50 … Continue reading

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Light and Shadow

A common theme of artists is the interplay between light and shadow—darkness enhancing color, silhouette forming contrast. But for me, even the brightest shades are, well, shade—something that blocks the light. And so, even the beauty that is my focus … Continue reading

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Winchester LIfe

Winchester Life is a new magazine featuring the Winchester, Virginia area. The February 2013 issue contains two of my articles–one about Rt. 11 Potato Chips and another highlighting hiking in winter, and will be mailed to 50,000 homes in the next week. I will also have another … Continue reading

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Something from Nothing

A few days ago I when I was hiking, I found a grey and white striped turkey feather that was still perfect in form. When I picked it up and waved it, I was startled by how much wind resistance … Continue reading

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Just Imagine!

When I was a little girl, I wanted an imaginary friend. A lot of kids had them–even my older sister. So I figured it would be easy to make one up. But it wasn’t. How can a friend surprise you–how … Continue reading

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My grandfather is 103 years old.  When he was born, his family had a horse and wagon. Eventually he bought his own car. Throughout his driving life Grandad kept a clean record–with not even one fender bender–and decided at the … Continue reading

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