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Writer Bio

Sara Whitestone is a novelist-in-progress, an essayist-in-practice, and an un-tortured-poet-in-process. In exchange for writing instruction, her students at City University of New York introduce her to the mysteries of the world. Whitestone has presented at New World Stages, Chautauqua, Johns Hopkins Conference on Craft, West Conn’s MFA residency, and other venues where external beauty and internal words merge.

Her works have appeared in The Portland Review, Word Riot, Literary Traveler, SLAB, Rock and Sling, and elsewhere. Whitestone’s current longform project is a novel titled Counting. To learn more about her inner and outer adventures, visit and follow her on Twitter and Instagram @sarawhitestone.

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Visual Artist Bio

A common theme of artists is the interplay between light and shadow—darkness enhancing color, silhouette forming contrast. But for Sara Whitestone, even the brightest shades are, well, shade—something that blocks the light. So, even the beauty that is her focus reminds her that, while contrast and silhouette are all part of now, and while dark and color are all that is within her current view, the pain and joy they represent are simply shadows of the light to come.

Whitestone’s photography has been featured on the print and digital covers of Piedmont Virginian, GTF Press, and in many photo and travel essays both online and in print. To experience more of Whitestone’s lights and shadows, visit

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