Processing the Presidency through Post-Its

As I have been processing my own feelings about this election, I’ve also been watching how others are working through their own emotions.

And I found this. It’s a simple way for each of us to share a few words in a space we inhabit together, no matter who we voted for, no matter what we believe.

But not all of us live in NYC and can post at the 14th Street subway stop.

So if you think it helpful, Post-It here.

Post just a few words (in whatever cathartic way is best for you) in a comment below.

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8 Responses to Processing the Presidency through Post-Its

  1. Richard Lumpp says:

    Ok, so now we can get on with life, more informed as to how to do that. Even as traumatic as this election cycle was we as Americans go on peacefully…and learn from the past.

  2. Stephanie Calderon says:

    I just still find it hard to believe that in a country where we took a step forward for the past 8 years, now we’re taking a huge leap back. As a citizen, I’m more afraid for everyone else and the students that I work with than for myself. Everyday after January 20th is going to be a day that we are going to have to slowly but surely to make sure that we are able to get through it together.

  3. Ciara Diaz says:

    I have felt defeated. Hopeless. Confused. I have felt at a loss for words. My mind has struggled to keep my thoughts aligned. Not only am I a woman. Not only am I Latina. But I am also an educator. For young adults and children of all colors. So Thursday I walked to work, completely at a loss, dreading the questions I knew my students would have. But how could I comfort their confusion when I was stuck in my own confusion? Just as I dreaded, the moment I walked into my classroom and a young black boy, with bright eyes but a confused looked asked me “How could he have won? He hates people like me. He’s a bad man. But he won. How Ms. Ciara?”

    How can I answer that question when I am not even sure how it happened.

  4. Sharinna Salazar says:

    That night I felt asleep early because I didn’t want to know the results. I woke up at 5 am and reached for my phone. I was shocked to see that he won. I don’t think some people understand what it truly means. Such a hateful man with hateful followers have won. The next day going outside I felt a sense of nerves. I am a citizen and all my family is too but I am still worried. Worried for the people that have to go through the world and deal with all the bullshit. The next day after the election, there were already hate crimes happening. I can’t imagine what will happen next.

  5. Meir Benishai says:

    I am honestly ashamed in this Country! TOP DOGS?? ha!! We are the top laughing stock I can promise that. Other countries are looking at us like, look at “these foolish Americans”. First we elect a clown into office, not saying Clinton is any better, but we are rioting the streets and destroying properties to protest what? Once elected nothing can change.
    “Hoping for Donald Trump to fail is like hoping for your pilot to crash the plane you’re on.
    Let that sink in.”
    Said by Indiana state basketball player Bryan Neuner. All we as citizens can do now is hope for the best, and maybe get better candidates to run in the future.

  6. Andrea Calabria says:

    Tuesday night seemed endless and waking up the next morning almost seemed like a bad dream. I did not expect the result of this election to go the way it did. I feel a great amount of sadness for the pain that will follow from now on. I do not believe someone who speaks down on minorities and harasses woman should be in the position as our president. No one should feel like they do not belong or can’t feel safe in a country they call home. I am disappointed mostly by those who failed to see that Donald Trump is unfit to be in any position of power. We are not defeated though. I encourage all Americans to remain strong and know that we all have a place here, one man does not define us. I understand it is important to remain positive and look forward, but it is also important to respect those that are hurt and can’t easily “move on” for this is not something that can be processed well or at all. I hope that we can all unite as one and make this country something to be proud of.

  7. Sean says:

    What was to be a celebration has turned into a time of anger, disappointment and frustration.
    We can’t have unity without inclusion and tolerance.
    My hope is we can find it soon.
    I’m confused, but hopeful.

  8. YongJin Liu says:

    It will not be the end of our life no matter who has been elected to be the new president. He cannot single handedly decide our future. We have to stay positive and hopeful, and god bless america.

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