Fearlessness: An Interview with Adam Berlin

published by Word Riot

August 2014

Adam Headshot

An introduction by Adam Berlin:

After an eight-year publishing drought, two novels came out in 2013 and my productivity doubled. Was I excited? That’s too strong a word. Was I relieved? Yes. Could I call myself a writer again without feeling like a fake? I could. But do I believe my writing life will get easier? That I’ll enter that elite circle of writers who never have to worry about rejection? That’s a tough one. Even a little success begets motivation—two new novels in one year infused me, and these days I pretend things will get easier. But just as I do in my fiction, I only pretend so much.

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Berlin Interview




Freedom and Power: A Talk with Zelda Lockhart

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Summer 2012


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Lockhart Interview

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