an Essay First Published in the Anthology

On Foot: Grand Canyon Backpacking Stories

Edited by Rick Kempa






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  1. Pam Snelgrove says:

    Hi Sara – I enjoyed this. Definitely brings back images of being in the Grand Canyon. Forgive me, but the turtle analogy brought quite a smile to my face. It is so hard to be dependent on someone, especially in that setting as a grownup and independent student. Thanks for letting me know about the article. I think I will buy the anthology and see what else is in the book.

    • Yes, Pam, there are some great stories in the book. And I’m glad my description of being a turtle on my back made you smile. It was funny at the time, too, in a kind of helpless sort of way. Humility in learning, humility in letting others help us–I think that is what the outdoors teaches best. Humility. It is so big, and we are so small.

  2. Shirley McQueen says:

    Sara, this was such a good read. I had Dave read it early this morning and he enjoyed it. Brought back many good memories for him. He wants to say a few words…..”your essay brought back good memories. In another post I will explain to you the back story of
    why that ranger was so upset. It turns out I did have a permit for the acid. I can still see you being blown over by the wind!”

  3. Joann says:

    I enjoyed reading this. I’ll remember the turtle image, I’m sure. But I liked best the paragraph where you described the layers of life. Good analogy to the canyon layers. I’ll check out the book. One of my sisters has her own story of hiking the canyon. I think she might enjoy it.

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